About Joanna Rees

Joanna Rees is Managing Partner at West, a San Francisco-based Market Accelerator. She has deep expertise in helping companies and organizations build powerful brands, all while ensuring the product-to-market fit that is crucial for success.

Throughout her dynamic career history (ranging from executive leadership to nonprofit work to mayoral candidacy), Joanna has kept one goal at the forefront: to innovate in every way she can. She currently serves on the corporate board of FICO (NYSE: FICO), Care.com (NYSE: CRCM), Harvest Power, Prelude Fertility, Mursion and Hickies. Joanna is also a Senior Partner of the B Team (www.bteam.org).

Joanna Rees has significant experience in finance and investment banking as well. She is always seeking our opportunities to collaborate with other leaders and learn how to use her unique skill set to empower individuals and up-and-coming companies around the world.

The World Economic Forum selected Joanna Rees as a Global Leader for Tomorrow (GLT). The Aspen Institute selected Joanna for its Henry Crown Fellows. Joanna serves on the non-profit board of Endeavor Global, Build.org and the Representation Project. She also spent more than a decade on the board of the New Schools Venture Fund and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. Joanna is a seminar moderator for the Aspen Institute. She is also a Senior Mentor for the Henry Crown Fellowship. She earned her MBA from Columbia University (beta gamma sigma) and a BS from Duke University where she was a member of the gymnastics team.